Chapter meeting

Chapter meeting

21st July 2020

Work on building the Chapter House of Wells Cathedral started around 1200 and occurred in several phases, with the building being completed in 1306. For centuries it was the principle meeting room of the Cathedral and it was here that the Cathedral’s governing body, the Chapter, would meet. In living memory, and probably before that too, Chapter has met elsewhere, in smaller meeting rooms. However, due to the C-19 pandemic the Chapter House is once again in use. It is a much larger space than any other meeting room and it is safer to meet there than elsewhere.  On Tuesday 21st July Chapter therefore met in its historic meeting place, even though modern chairs were used in preference to the stone benches by most members.

The Canon Chancellor, The Revd. Dr. Rob James, commented “it was good to use the Chapter house for the purpose for which it was built. It is a connection with the past even as we look to the present and the future of the Cathedral.”

The Chapter was joined by Nicholas Selman, Director of Developement, and Nicky McClean, Finance Manager. Lay Chapter member, Alison Perham, joined via Zoom.

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