Wells Cathedral: Helping you to feel safe

Wells Cathedral: Helping you to feel safe

Wells Cathedral has achieved the ‘We’re Good To Go’ Covid-19 Industry Standard for following government guidance and implementing measures that maintain cleanliness and social distancing. For more information, please click here.

Throughout history, Cathedrals have been a safe space; for prayer, for reflection, for healing, for remembering, for commemoration and for celebration.

In these very challenging times, as the Cathedral re-opens for prayer, for general visits and for public worship its staff has worked very hard to help you feel safe as you enter.

As our new virtual tour of the Cathedral shows, the building looks a little bit different and whilst much is still accessible, including the Cloisters, the Palm Churchyard and the Camery Garden, there are some areas you will not be able to access, as the present rules around social distancing and the need to limit transmission of the virus through touch make it too risky for your safety.

To find out more about the specific safety measures we have put in place for public worship, please visit the Public services page.

Find out more about the re-opening of Wells Cathedral here.

To help you feel safe the Cathedral has:

  • A one-way system, with floor markings to indicate the ‘Pilgrims’ Footsteps’ we ask you to follow
  • The floor markings are spaced to ensure social distancing on the route and in the larger spaces where it is possible for you to wander more freely
  • Clear signage to mark the route, and to offer interpretation of the building
  • Hand sanitiser stations throughout the building, placed at key points
  • A regular cleaning system for surfaces in place
  • A safe method of being able to light candles, should you wish to
  • Contactless donation points
  • Clergy and staff around to assist you, answer any questions and to ask people nicely to respect the measures’ we have put in place to help you feel safe
  • There is one disabled toilet for use, cleaned every hour
  • The areas we are not able to offer access to at present are:
    • The Chapter House (the entrance is too narrow and the steps to uneven. The bannister is a transmission risk through touch). It is still possible to view the Chapter House steps.
    • The Quire (a transmission risk through touch and too many entry and exit points for social distancing to be feasible). It is still possible to view the Quire and the famous Jesse Window from a dedicated view-point.
    • The Library (steps too narrow and transmission risk through touch)
    • The Shop (this area is being prepared for reopening soon)
    • The Café (not accessible with present social distancing rules in force)

If you are coming into the Cathedral, we ask that you:

  • Follow the one-way route, called ‘Pilgrims’ Footsteps’
  • Respect social distancing
  • Try not to touch the surfaces and use the hand sanitisers provided as you go round
  • Follow the guidelines when lighting candles
  • Do not enter the Cathedral if you have Covid-19 symptoms
  • Enjoy being able to come to your Cathedral


For more information on how the Cathedral is complying with government guidance on managing the risk of Covid-19 please follow the links below.

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