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Saturday 5th October

19:00 - 21:00

Organ concert featuring classic and contemporary music such as Bach, Hans Zimmer, The Weekend and Kate Bush to name a few.

This Concert will be taking place in the Quire of Wells Cathedral, and seating is unreserved.

Matt Walters (aka Reductio) has been making some serious moves over the past several months and has established himself as a serious musical force worldwide. His unique combination of classical and contemporary on both the organ and his own productions has gained him a fast-growing online following. His interpretations of modern music onto the organ have proven incredibly popular, and he has been relentlessly collating and posting these works online, as well as working on his own classical compositions and electronic productions.

Matt was a student at Downside school where he was taught both the piano and the organ. He recently graduated from the University of Cambridge where he held an organ scholarship and studied classics. He aims to bring new life and popularity to an instrument that is slowly dying. With a massive body of unreleased electronic and classical music, 2024 is set to be another big year for Reductio.

Outside his music Matt enjoys going the gym and likes to box.

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