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Friday 28th June

19:00 - 21:00

We are delighted to welcome you to our event “In Space Through Sound” in a sacred place of worship - the Chapter House at Wells Cathedral. It will be a space for all to explore frequency and vibration with sound as a non invasive medium to experience a deeper connection through listening. We all experience sound on intimate levels whether it is listening to our favourite music, the gentle sounds of nature or our immediate environment and the words we use everyday. The sounds we allow into our personal space often determine the mental and emotional states we inhabit. In a world full of noisy distractions it’s important to tune into tranquil vibrations for a healthier mind. This event will be an immersive experience through the full spectrum of sound using a whole range of different instruments from all over the world - a culmination of harmonious sounds and sensations that’ll offer an invitation to embrace a deep state of calm and relaxation. The journey will begin with rhythmical instruments to enliven the spirit which will then be followed by a calming wind instrument performance. This will lead into a captivating gong performance followed by an expansive singing bowl performance to end the evening. The whole session itself will go on for just over an hour. This experience is open to all no matter your faith or belief. All are welcome. Everyone is advised to bring mats, cushions and blankets to lay on as Chapter house has a hard stone flooring. Being comfortable throughout the duration of the sound journey is important to get the most out of the experience. Also recommended to bring water Entrance to the Cathedral is via the North West Door on the left hand side of the West Front. Please note: access to the Chapter House is by uneven, medieval steps, and there is no step free access. There will be no refunds given on purchased tickets Thank you for taking the time to view our event and we hope to see you at the cathedral!

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