SCIE Safeguarding Audit

SCIE Safeguarding Audit

February 2022

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In February 2022, The Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) visited Wells Cathedral to undertake an independent audit of Cathedral safeguarding arrangements, as commissioned by the Church of England.

That April, the Chapter of Wells Cathedral requested the Acting Bishop of Bath and Wells at the time, the Rt Reverend Ruth Worsley, to help address the questions raised by the SCIE audit, and a Special Visitation was held in September 2022, with written determinations given by the new Diocesan Bishp, the Rt Revd Michael Beasley in July 2023.

SCIE audit report, May 2022

SCIE Audit Action Plan, 4th issue, April 2023 – final update

Wells Cathedral Special Visitation and Directions

The Rt Reverend Michael Beasley, Bishop of Bath and Wells, has published the Determination and Directions resulting from the Special Visitation to Wells Cathedral, which took place between 24-27 September 2022.

The Visitation was undertaken by a three-person panel, led by Bishop Tim Stevens. It met with many members of the Cathedral community and wider stakeholders. The Visitation Report itself remains confidential to Bishop Michael and Bishop Ruth, and it has informed the Bishops Determination and Directions to the Cathedral Chapter.

Special Visitation Determination and Directions, 12 July 2023

Bishop Michael’s statement, 13 July 2023

The Acting Dean of Wells, the Venerable Anne Gell, said, “Chapter extends its deep appreciation to our Bishops and to the Visitation panel for all their work. We would also particularly like to thank all who participated in the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) Audit and Visitation processes and we are indebted to them for their courage in sharing their experiences.

Chapter is grateful that these processes, and all who were part of them, have identified areas of concern here at Wells Cathedral. With the help of the whole Cathedral community, we are now addressing these areas of our life together, and we look with real hope to the future under God of this wonderful place that means so much to so many.”

Bishop Trevor Willmott, Assistant Bishop in the Diocese of Bath and Wells, is acting as consultant to the Wells Cathedral Community. He commented:

“It’s a joy to be invited to walk with the Chapter and the Cathedral community as together we seek to refresh and renew our common life as People of God in the service of the wider community. Listening and reflecting will be the heart of my work.”

A formal review of progress against the written determinations will be conducted during July 2024, 12 months from the publication of the documents.

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