Antony Gormley’s DOUBT returns to the artist’s collection

Antony Gormley’s DOUBT returns to the artist’s collection

August 2024

Antony Gormley’s DOUBT (2020), which presently occupies an empty niche below the north-west tower of Wells Cathedral, will be returning to the artist’s collection this summer after three successful years on display. Visitors to the Cathedral will have until mid-August 2024 to view Gormley’s cast iron sculpture.

Wells Cathedral’s Canon Chancellor, The Reverend Dr Megan Daffern, says:

“DOUBT has been with us for longer than initially expected, so we have decided to invite space to follow it—both literally and metaphorically.

“Theologically and artistically, we need space to wonder and grow in our relationship with God; to invite spaciousness in ourselves, in our souls and in our community, and space to pause replacing busy thoughts and activities.

“So we are committing to a three year ‘space’ to allow good consideration of what should be in Niche 338; including about what the future of Niche #338 should include. It also allows for a simple series of space-related projects about which local partners may wish to make suggestions.”

Details of projects related to this three-year period of ‘space’ will be available shortly.

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