Booking and Information

Booking and Information

Booking and Information for school groups

Wells Cathedral is a Somerset County Council EV4 approved provider. Risk assessments are available upon request.

Booking Options

The Cathedral offers two simple packages for school groups booking in advance:

Option 1 – Short visit or Guided Tour

A shorter visit of around an hour at £2.10 per pupil. This can include a guided tour at no extra cost, subject to guide availability. We need at least two weeks’ notice.

Wells Cathedral guides are renowned both locally and nationally as some of the best in the country. The Cathedral offers the services of these highly trained volunteer guides at no extra cost. School groups may wish to book a general guided tour, or one that incorporates special interest areas such as symbolism, embroideries, glass, carvings and vestments. Children go round in groups of 10 and must be accompanied by a member of the visiting school staff at all times.

Tours last approximately 1 hour and can add significantly to your enjoyment and appreciation of the Cathedral. Please book at least two weeks in advance.

Option 2 – Programmed day

A programme with tour and activities at £4.20 per pupil.

The Education Room has been specially designed to accommodate school groups. Its secure access provides a contained space (complete with toilets and bag storage) that serves as a great base from which to explore the cathedral as part of a programmed day.

Tailored to your needs, programmed days range from the early years through to sixth form, covering themes such as: special places, big buildings, Christian symbols, Latin, geometric art, decorative carvings & bosses, arches & architecture through to focusing on historical periods including the Reformation and English Civil War.

We devise a day programme bespoke to each class/school visit, to suit their topic, age, and ability. It will include a tour, related activities, and reflection.

Both options offer free places for accompanying staff (supervision 1:10 please). Prices are inclusive of VAT, payable through invoice.


Download a Booking Enquiry Form here.

Groups requesting tours and activities must book prior to their visit with at least two weeks’ notice. We suggest you allow additional time for follow-up activities such as a short act of worship, visiting Vicars’ Close or doing worksheets.

Booking a school visit couldn’t be easier. Please contact the Cathedral’s Education Officer, Jessica Witchell, on 01749 674483 or via



There is a designated coach setting down point in Sadler Street, just off Cathedral Green. The teacher in charge is asked to register at the Donation Desk in the Entry Cloister on arrival.


Bags cannot be left unattended in the Cathedral. Secure storage is available. Whilst taking all reasonable measures to ensure the safety and security of pupils, we are unable to accept responsibility for any accident or misadventure throughout the duration of the visit. All participants are advised to check their insurance prior to their visit. Groups on Programmed Day visits may leave their bags in the Education Suite at their own risk.

Packed lunches

Lunches can be eaten in the Camery Garden or on Cathedral Green. If it is wet, lunches may be eaten in the East Cloister. Groups on Programmed Day visits have use of the Education Room.


While worksheets are not encouraged during the guided tour itself, please send us a copy of any you intend to use so it can be given to your guide. This way he or she will know which areas on which to concentrate and spend time. We would request that unguided groups using a school-produced activity sheet remain in a supervised group.

Gift shop

Due to size restrictions of the shop we recommend groups of 10-15 pupils accompanied by an adult at any one time. Children are welcome to purchase a souvenir of their visit in the Cathedral shop which has gifts available from 99p.

Listen to our Music

Sunday 22nd May: The Cathedral will be holding a special service of Thanksgiving for the Platinum Jubilee at 3pm to which all are warmly invited. There will be restricted access to visitors from 1.30pm, and we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.